Changing Family Lawyers

Changing Family Lawyers in Sydney is never an easy decision as you have invested time and money already with your current lawyer. However Having the right divorce lawyer is extremely important for your case and different lawyers have different approaches. If you’re not getting the right outcome for you in your case it might not be too late to change lawyers. At Fox & Staniland we believe you should be strongly reconsidering changing lawyers if any of the below describes you:

  • Don’t feel like your case has a strategy specific to your needs,
  • Feel like your lawyer isn’t prepared for court,
  • Spent a large amount on legal fees and still have not settled,
  • Your lawyer is too nice and focused on collaboration and negotiating with the otherside and you are worried they might not actually have the aggressive approach needed for court,
  • You feel like your current Lawyer is buddies with the other side,
  • Your opinion doesn’t matter to your lawyer,
  • You don’t feel updated in your case,

Fidan Shevket our Accredited Family Law Specialist has more than 12 years experience in family law and has helped many clients change divorce lawyers. The process is simpler than you may think!

Sometimes in Family Law you can feel overwhelmed and emotional which is why you need an expert’s guidance. We know all the “tricks” and “traps” when it comes time to drafting documents on your behalf and what to look for in specific clauses from the otherside simply because we do them too! Our aim is to get the best result for you. If it means going to court and not settling then that is what needs to be done. Our Family Law team at Fox & Staniland only deals with Family Law and do not dabble in other areas of law because we are large enough to have multiple teams of lawyers in charge of different areas of law.

Competitors and Strategy
We know almost all competitor Family lawyers in Sydney as Fox & Staniland have been around since 1972. We know their strategies and we know their tricks. If you currently have a lawyer and you do not know your strategy then this should be sending alarm bells. Having a strategy is the KEY to success in your case. Here at Fox & Staniland the first thing we do is come up with a strategy based on your best interests and your needs. If your need, for example, is to keep the house then we will develop our strategy around obtaining that result for you. We work for you but also with you. We strongly believe in clear communication the first time around to save your money and to save time.

If you suspect you may be getting bad advice or are just curious please feel free to call us now on 1800 609 409 and ask for Fidan or email her at

Fidan Shevket will tell you the way it is – good or bad, hopefully you can still do something about your case.

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We can help you if:

  • You need advice about separating or getting a divorce
  • You want proper arrangements for your children
  • You are seeking a fair property settlement
  • You or your children need on-going financial support
  • You need the protection of a “pre-nup” or de facto relationship agreement
  • You are suffering from threats or violence
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