The interests of your children must be paramount, so put in place legally enforceable parenting arrangements!

Find the best arrangement for your child

When a marriage or relationship breaks down there must be careful consideration of the best living arrangements for the children. There are many possibilities and our lawyers can assist you in finding the arrangement that will be best for your children. Your children may have different individual needs and its possible that each one needs a slightly different living arrangement. The collective knowledge and experience of our team will be a great help to you in this area.

Planning for future decision making

During your marriage or relationship decisions about the raising of your children will have been made, at least to some extent, based on input from both parents. We will guide you and advise you on the best way to reach an agreement on how future decisions regarding the raising of your children will be made. This may involve you in creating a parenting plan or you may feel that a more flexible arrangement is better suited. In any case you should get our advice regarding all of the options.

Where will your children live?

The most fundamental decision you will need to make is the question of where the children will live. You are the person best placed to know that, but the law will take into account the other party’s opinions. We will equip you with the knowledge you need to get the best outcome for the children.

We will also advise you about your rights and responsibilities relating to children spending time or visiting the other parent. You will have views about the quality of that time and the effect, both good and bad, that it may have on your children. But you will need our advice to work within the legal system so that the children can take your separation and divorce in their stride and deal with it as a commonplace part of modern lives.

Our lawyers have “heard it all” and they will be right by your side if you need to take action to ensure that your children are being properly cared for in a non-exploitative and non-abusive environment. Our lawyers know that under the law, if the circumstances are right, then the children’s view may be taken into consideration, as can grandparents’ views.

Call us now for expert advice regarding your personal needs!

If you want supportive personalised attention regarding your individual needs from the divorce lawyers who will be available when you need them, then you should call us to speak to one of our team of four family law experts. They will be supportive and fight for your rights if appropriate, or they will use their vast experience to negotiate and adopt alternative dispute resolution or collaborative law solutions if that is what you want. In either case they will listen to you, respect your views and communicate in the most professional manner.