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After a separation or divorce it is most likely that you will want to untangle your financial and property affairs and go your separate ways. You don’t want to be one of those people who are so emotionally overwhelmed that they throw up their hands and give away everything. This approach is not fair to you and it’s probably not fair on your children. Our lawyers do not encourage litigation unless you are left with no option. Going to Court is the last resort. Our divorce lawyers pride themselves on approaching every property settlement matter with a view to achieving the best possible outcome in the quickest and most economical way. They are trained in “collaborative law”.

Whatever the final arrangement for division of assets, it is most important that we guide you to a solution that will not lead to destruction of the value of the assets. Investment properties, family businesses, share portfolios and farms are all susceptible to these problems. We can also guide you to reach a property settlement that will not create unnecessary tax liabilities by bringing on capital gains tax, stamp duty or GST issues.

Our lawyers will customise the property settlement to your needs

Our lawyers know the law and how property settlements must take into account the parties’ respective contributions to the acquisition of assets. We can make you fully aware of the myths surrounding your rights if you have not worked full time or if your contributions to the assets have been “non-financial” in nature. You also need to discuss with our solicitors the effect that “special needs” will have on the outcomes and solutions available. If you have health issues, or if you are going to take on a greater burden raising the children, or if you have other responsibilities such as being the carer of other family members, then we can help you ensure that your property settlement is properly customised to your needs and those of your family.

Our family law solicitors have the collective experience to give you the best chance of ensuring that your property law settlement covers and protects sudden or unexpected good fortune such as inheritances, strokes of luck and windfalls.

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If you want a team on your side with the best negotiating skills and knowledge of alternative dispute resolution, then you should call and speak to one of our team of four divorce property settlement experts. They will outline for you all of the possible outcomes that you might wish to seek and explain to you how to pursue the option best suited to your individual circumstances. They will equip you to identify the time to negotiate and the time where you have no option but to fight in Court.

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