Can you survive without financial support? You may not have to, so get the right advice!

Are you eligible for financial support?

If you expect that you are going to battle financially to meet your own reasonable needs to live, and your former husband or wife or partner has the capacity to pay, then you need to discuss the matter with us. We will advise you on whether you are entitled to seek maintenance in the form of financial support. Our solicitors know the factors that a Court would take into account if it was asked to make a decision. We will help you to attempt to reach an agreement out of Court, and we will advise you on the time limits and help you to identify whether you have the proper circumstances in which you can seek ongoing financial support from your former husband, wife or partner.

Getting Child Support

If you end up the primary carer for your children then we can guide you in relation to your entitlements under the Child Support Scheme. We can help you to check whether the amounts of the child support payments are correct and whether you should be applying for an independent review. We can help you gather the evidence necessary to apply for a review of the child support amount. Our lawyers are experienced in the steps to be taken if you are not receiving payments at all.

Call us now for expert help!

If you are finding the Child Support Scheme frustrating and impersonal then you will probably need a patient, sympathetic shoulder to lean on. If you want to benefit from our knowledge and experience then you should call us and speak to one of our team of four family law solicitors. We can help to cut through red tape and ensure proper communication with the Child Support Agency and the other parent.