Marriage or relationship at an end? Then get advice from us about separation and divorce!

When your relationship is at an end

If you decide that your relationship (whether marriage or de-facto) is at an end then you would normally need to make some decisions about separation. The way that you separate can take a number of different forms and there will be various matters that you will have to take care of to ensure that you do not prejudice or lose your rights. You should call one of our caring solicitors prior to separating so that you can discuss the best way for it to occur.

At that time you will need to talk to our solicitors about the other matters such as what to do about the children, the car, the bank accounts, the furniture, any real estate as well as the best way to minimize any legal conflict. We will listen to you regarding your needs and we will respect your right to make your own decisions if you choose not to take the “legalistic approach”.

If you’re separated

If you are married, but you have separated, then you may eventually need to talk to us about getting a formal divorce. We can help you to lodge the application for dissolution if you wish and we will advise you of all the legal requirements necessary to get a divorce. If the marriage is really over then it is best to get a divorce sooner than later because too many clients come to us wanting an urgent divorce years after separating because they wish to marry again, and of course you can’t marry until your first marriage is legally dissolved.

If you have already separated then we recommend that you talk to us about all of the possible legal aspects that may flow from the separation. You will get some piece of mind from having us outline for you all of the possible legal avenues that you may follow.

We understand the stress and emotion that you will be suffering when you separate and so if the circumstances are right we can guide you regarding a “separation under one roof”. This type of separation can give you the benefit of avoiding some of the financial problems that couples experience at this time. It can also be a means of reducing the impact for the children.

If you are only married a short time

You will be aware that you will not be alone if your marriage only lasted a short time. Our family law solicitors can advise you on how the special rules that apply to short duration marriages may apply to your situation. In very unusual circumstances it may even be possible to obtain an “annulment” rather than a divorce.

Call us now for professional advice!

If you want personalised attention you should call us and speak to one of our divorce experts. They will listen, focus on your objectives, communicate properly about the possible outcomes and they will give you the knowledge that you need to make decisions so that you can plan your future.

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