Threats and violence will destroy the victim’s quality of life! Help is available!

Don’t wait to get advice – you’re not alone!

You should not delay in obtaining advice and taking action if someone is trying to intimidate you, harass you, threaten to harm you or your property, or another family member, or act towards you or others in a way that you regard as indecent. Our solicitors can advise and support you regardless of whether or not an incident has actually already occurred.

Domestic violence normally occurs behind closed doors. It is far more wide spread than the official statistics suggest. You are not alone if it is happening to you.

Our solicitors have heard it all before and they can advise you on the alternative ways to deal with it. Domestic violence and threats can sometimes be prevented by early intervention with low key communication firmly spelling out that you and your children have a right to live peacefully without threats. If your situation has escalated then we can help you to obtain Apprehended Violence Orders. We can help you to get orders to prevent people from entering premises, to prevent communication or contact, to force surrender of weapons, to make the offender stay away from schools and to prevent destruction or damage to property.

Our lawyers have the experience needed to give you the best chance of keeping matters from proceeding to a hearing in Court and the best chance of negotiating a resolution to your dispute in a quick and economical way. If however the threats or violence persist then we have the experience to get you assistance from the Police and the Court system and to enforce compliance with orders.

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