Testimonials from clients

Fidan Shevket’s professionalism, expert knowledge and experience was invaluable in achieving a successful and rewarding result. Absolutely, without a question the best Lawyer I’ve ever seen!”
L. 09/11/2017

“Dear Fidan
Thank you so much for all that you have done for me over the last 3.5 years. It was a long road and at times very testing and frustrating. I do hope you not have the pleasure of coming into contact with the other side ever again. It will stay with me for many years I am sure and many stories later. 
You were amazing the whole way through the process, calm, reassuring, professional, supportive and showed empathy which for me was a big part of getting through the case. I know why you are so good at your job and if only my ex had a family law specialist the time to settle the case would have been half, I am sure. 
Take care, thanks so much.”
J. 20/07/2017

“Hi Fidan, 
Just wanted to say thankyou. You did a great job today. You are right it wasn’t the outcome I really wanted! But, it was probably the fairest and for that I thank you.”
R. 20/07/2017

“Fidan, hi-
Thank you so much for your time and invaluable advice.”
L. 1/06/2017

“Thank you so much for your help. I really, really appreciate it. You contributed not only a lot of time/money but also soul to my case. I will never forget that and you are in my prayers. I am also recommending your firm and you to people who need you.”
V. 12/05/2017

“Thanks Rob – I can hardly believe that it is actually over!
Fidan – my sincere thanks to you. You have a tough job, but I always believed you had my back and I deeply appreciated your support and wisdom.”
J. 9/05/2017

“I hope you are well. Thank you for all of you help and continuous assistance over this I really do appreciate your support. Happy to send you my referrals when to they become available as I know you have done such a great job with me and my case.”
L. 27/03/2017

“Good morning,
Just letting you know that your “draft with your instructions” for my affidavit makes it so much easier for me to write it than the ones I had to write before. Thank you for that, well done!”
V. 18/12/2016

“Thanks for everything Fidan, I really appreciate that you have done for me.
Wishing you a merry Christmas.”
R. 13/12/2016

“Hi Fidan,
I would like to thank you very much for all the time, effort and patience you and your team put into my case.
I know my case was not the “normal” / “text book” case that you would experience, however I really appreciated you and your team listening to my concerns (when I had them), without rushing me or cutting me off, when I called the office to voice them.
Yes I know I am a “demanding” person, and in this case client. At least I say things as they are and I appreciate being told the truth, brutal as it may be. You were never fazed and your team was never frazzled. You are a true professional and your team reflected your standards. I am also grateful for your saying “We are problem solvers”, this was a saying I would say to clients and somewhere along the line I had forgotten that everything has a solution, it may need compromise however there is always a solution.
I wish you all the success and happiness that comes your way as you deserve it. You are a hard working individual who strives for positive/best outcomes not only for your clients but for those you come in contact with.
I hope you have a great evening and a restful long weekend.”
T. 30/09/2016

“Thanks for organizing that with all communication at short notice. This “service” I didn’t get with my former solicitors. Thank you, have a great weekend, I am praying for your strength and wellbeing,”
V. 9/09/2016

“Hi Fidan,
Thanks for taking my call today… Again thank you for everything your not just a solicitor you are a good counselor and great person who listens. Hope you have a great afternoon.”
L. 28/07/2016

Thanks for being an integral part of getting to the key to freedom!”
T. 20/07/2016

“Thanks for the hard work. It’s nice having a win for once.”
M. 22/06/2016

“Dear Robert & Fidan,
Thank you so much for all your help. I would not have been able to do all this without you.
Cannot believe that it has settled and can now concentrate on better things.
Thank you once again.”
S. 3/06/2016

“Thanks very much,
I am very grateful for your efficiency and professionalism, I have felt very secure under your ‘care’ !”
S. 30/05/2016

“Thank you again for your email. It was my pleasure to meet you & Fidan Shevket. I would like to say that both you and Fidan’s handling of the matter was most commendable.
Your dealing with your client was nothing short of a high level focus with due dedication to detail and the negotiated settlement was managed in a relaxed and smooth manner. I will make a point of referring clients when any opportunity should present. kind regards.”
A. 2/05/2016

“Finally Fidan please accept my sincere thanks for your very professional & cheerful service!
Merry Christmas & happy New Year!”
J. 16/12/2015

“Thanks Fidan. Wow, you are amazing I am not sure how you keep doing it. I hope you have a lovely holiday over Christmas.”
J. 11/12/2015

“Thank you for your advice over the past six weeks. Fox and Staniland has provided us and my family steady and reassuring help for many years now and it’s greatly appreciated.”
B. 12/11/2015

“Thank you; your summary record is much appreciated and I will definitely be in touch again soon. Our discussion was very positive and I greatly appreciated your legal guidance. Thanks again, speak again soon, cheers.”
R. 8/10/2015

“Thanks so much for all your help, it has been great dealing with you on this, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else in a similar situation.”
A. 22/09/2015

“Thank you very kindly for your great advice and assistance.”
C. 7/09/2015

“Oh my dear Fidan, What an ordeal!
Your assistance, patience, understanding, guidance, good advice and the pure fact you stood by me at every moment got me through.You believed in me and I appreciate everything you have done for me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.w”
W. 4/09/2015

“Dear Sirs, this is to thank your firm for taking and conducting my affairs since February this year; in particular to your family law team who handled the issues and sometimes difficulties, in such a professional and efficient way. I thank you also for the friendliness, correctness and high standard of professional service demonstrated by your staff, as from the first contact.”
J. 21/06/2015

“Good afternoon. Thank you so much for your assistance in my recent matter..If I have further need for family law matters i’ll be in touch, as you’ve been more than helpful and considerate.”
J. 12/05/2015

“Hi Fidan, Thanks for the other day, you were certainly a pillar of strength for me and a source of great wisdom. Thanks.”
D. 16/03/2015

“Thanks Fidan, And thank you for hanging in yesterday for the best outcome given the circumstances. We gave it our best shot and I am therefore completely satisfied with the final result. With much thanks and appreciation.”
A. 11/03/2015

“I was impressed by the seminar and will come back for formal advice if I need it. Thank you.”
E. 3/02/2015

“Hi, ….thanks again for all you’ve helped me with. It has been much more difficult than I thought it would be at the start, but i guess that is what everyone experiences. I’ll be in touch when divorce proceedings are initiated. All the very best to you for 2015. Cheers.”
M. 30/01/2015

“Hi, As our time dealing with each other comes to a close I just cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me. You have many talents in the legal field and the couple that stand out to me include: 
• Your attention to detail, I could not believe how thick my two files were you had at the court hearing – and you knew where to look to respond to either judge or the other side, 
• Your pro activeness – you were constantly actioning my case and continually chasing up people to meet your/our timeframes. 
• Your strategy – brilliant the way you argued that my superannuation should not be split. I appreciated the hours you worked back especially one night when you put the four options to me in one layout which made it easy to decide the tact I should follow, 
• Your courtesy extended to me – I’m 60 and never been involved with a lawyer. You are friendly and made me feel very welcome each time we met, you are easy to talk to and I did not feel inadequate when asking my questions. I hope you also have a special Christmas and the New Year brings you good cheer. All the best and thanks.”
A. 16/12/2014

“Well done, you exceeded my expectations and delivered, love your work, thanks.”
A. 10/12/2014

“Hi, Just thought I would write to thank you so much for all your hard work leading up to the case. Your structuring of my affidavit ensured Judge Henderson and the otherside were able to get a clear picture of the past events to achieve the outcome on the day. Both XXXXX and I are truly grateful for all your hard work.”
T. 10/12/2014

“Hi Fidan, Never got to do my speech, but if I did it would have gone something like this… Thanks for telling me (several times ) to start the court proceedings. Thanks for telling me at the mediation all you hear from me is what my wife wants, and nothing about what I want. Most of all, thanks for providing sound advice every step of the way. It enabled me to ultimately make the right decisions. I hope not to require your services in the future, but you will certainly hear from me if custody needs to be formalised. Thanks Fidan.”
P. 27/10/2014

“Thank you for your professional assistance today, and calming me down when necessary! You are much appreciated.”
– L.  25/06/2014

“Can I please say finally how much I owe you for giving me such good clear advice in the first place. It has made this process so much easier for me to negotiate and I do feel very much in control of things at present.”
– M.H. 2/04/2014

“Hi Fidan, I want to Thank you for your efforts and time on this matter over the last two years. ”
– R.D. 19/03/2014

“Thankyou. That is great news. You have been most diligent, sensitive and considerate in our dealings.”
– S.G. 7/03/2014

“A big thanks to Fidan for all of your support and advice. You’ve all been wonderful to deal with.”
– K.K. 5/03/2014

“Hello Fidan, I rang to personally thank you for the help you have given me. While it was more convoluted than expected because of Super Fund issues, you were most polite and professional, and gave me confidence. So thank you.”
– R.B. 14/02/2014

“Hi Fidan, I hope you are well. Firstly, thanks for all your help over the past months with my Financial Separation and drawing up my will, etc. Secondly, all the best for the Festive Season and for 2014.”
– R.B. 24/12/2013

“Hi Fidan, I can’t believe how quickly you get things moving. I truly recognise a fellow professional. Next time i get divorced, i’m hiring YOU!”
– S.A. 12/09/2013

It has been a pleasant expereince dealing with you and your firm and we look forward to future business.
– J.D.F. 7/09/2012

Dear Fidan, Thank you so much for all your assistance during this difficult time. I was astounded by your knowledge, work ethics and willingness to advise me on matters. The law world is certainly foreign to me and i am glad there are people like you who seem to have a grasp on its complexities. Thank you once again.
– A.F. 17/06/2011

“I was impressed with your very informative seminar talks and again when we met at your office. The information pack that I received at the seminar was extremely useful. Your approach is very different to that of most lawyers, in that you genially come across as wanting to help your clients without incurring extravagant fees in the process. Your approach inspired me with confidence that you are the best team to deal with my matrimonial situation”
– V.G 31/05/2011

“Thanks Kerry & Fidan for such a prompt, efficient and professional attention to my request.”
– K.W. 21/03/2011

“I hope you don’t mind but my colleague here at the office has asked me for your details to forward to a friend who may contact you regarding a family law matter. I told him how amazing you are, and forwarded your office phone and fax details to him.”
– K.B 25/01/2011

“I came to your seminar with zero knowledge of this subject and no experience of engaging a lawyer, and I really appreciate the way you have led me through this. You are highly knowledgeable, efficient and responsive. Thanks immensely for a job well done.”
– D.M. 12/01/2011

“I was extremely impressed by the legal advice and work done by Fidan during what started as an “ugly” divorce. Thankfully in the end due to her knowledge and skills it finally was a smooth flight and we landed on a free runway. I will tell many people about your firm, especially Fidan”
– C.D 20/12/2010

“Hi Fidan, Thank you for everything this year and all of your support and balance keeping.”
– R.H. 19/12/2010

“Thanks for all your help, I greatly appreciate your professionalism, efficiency and willingness to help me keep costs down. Hope you have a fantastic Christmas, enjoy the break!”
– G.M. 14/12/2010

“Just a quick note of thanks to your work in preparation of my recent BFA and also for your advice. I am very happy with the outcome”
– S.J. 12/11/2009

“Thank you very much for doing a great job and being highly professional with just the right amount of TLC, in what was a very stressful situation for me.”
– J.M 18/08/2009

“Thank you Fidan and Wal for your help. You really saved me.”
– V.P 9/05/2009

“Hi Fidan, thank you for today. You are lovely person and fantastic lawyer. Thanks for all your help and excellent advice yesterday and throughout the case.”
– V.B. 7/04/2009

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